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Our Mission


Performance with superior quality.

Mission Statement

GRW is the premier provider of customized, high-precision bearing solutions.

We focus on our ability to meet our customers’ needs.  We are continually enhancing our processes and technology to deliver a superior product to meet those needs.

Every employee is empowered to contribute towards the quality and precision that is required to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Our high quality performance standards rely upon continuous improvement in employee training and orientation to insure our focus upon our customer.

To maintain our highest standard of performance and quality, GRW continuously measures and monitors that performance through metrics, team work and and communication.

A superior product relies equally upon a superior supply chain.  GRW maintains and manages a select supplier base in order to “build in” the superior quality and performance that our customers’ demand of our products.

Focus.  Performance.  Superior Quality.  These principles are synonymous with GRW.  We will always strive to deliver on thees principles to our present and future customers.

We are proud to offer for review our management handbook which details our focus on company policy and employees.

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