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produktrealisierung_02GRW is the premier provider of customized, high-precision bearing solutions.

Design features and functional tests qualify a ball bearing’s quality and functionality. GRW bearings are specified and produced to exceed quality standards and are specifically designed to our customers’ needs.


  • GRW’s use of specialized materials addresses requirements for extreme anti-friction, corrosion, longevity, temperature (-270°C to greater than +400°C), speed and noise.
  • Our engineering team designs solutions to your specifications using extensive variations to cage, retainer and shield options, over 400 lubricant variations and over 90 different coatings. Each of these enhancing corrosion resistance and tribological behavior.
  • GRW offers tolerances even tighter than those set by world standards. We go beyond our ISO 9001:2008 certification by noise testing 100% of our bearings.
  • GRW boasts a variety of bearing manufacturing specialties: AFBMA standards ABEC5, ABEC7 and ABEC9; Precision classes P0 to P2 and Tolerances to ISO DIN 620.
  • At GRW miniature, small and durable are big business.  We specialize in bearings Bore sizes of 1 to 30mm / Outer diameter 3 to 50mm and materials 100Cr6 and X65Cr13 (SS) or X30CrMoN15-1 (SV)
  • GRW Bearing solutions include: Radial deep-groove, angular, duplex, hybrid (SS rings with ceramic balls) and spindle; profile rollers and rails, and bearing units and assemblies.

Regardless of your industry, from medical and dental to aerospace and industrial – wherever precision, durability and high performance are needed – GRW meets your demands. Our applications engineers are here to provide you with customized bearing solutions. We guarantee our solutions from development to mass production.


Start your career at the leader for high precise ball bearings.


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